PYP Units

Current Unit of Study
Theme: Who We Are Unit
Title: Good for You
Central Idea: It is our responsibility to ensure that we live a healthy lifestyle maintaining a balance in nutrition, fitness and hygiene.
Along with a variety of resources, we will be using literature that supports each of our unit themes. Students will read, analyze and discuss novels that will directly relate to the themes we will be exploring in our classrooms. The following is a list of books that will be used for each unit.
Unit Theme
Book Title
Unit Theme
Book Title
Who we are
Chocolate Fever
Robert Kimmel-Smith
How we organize ourselves
Vacation under the Volcano
Mary Pope Osborne

Research Guide: Ancient Rome and Pompeii
The Magic Tree House

Sharing the planet
One Day in the Woods
Jean Craighead

How the world works
I Was A Third Grade Science Project
Mary Jane Auch
How we express ourselves
Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing
Judy Blume
Where we are in place and time
The Orphan of Ellis Island
Elvira Woodruff

If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island
Ellen Levine