My name is Manoela Suarez,

I am the English Third Grade, teacher and I am really glad to welcome you and your child to my classroom this year. I graduated from Florida International University with major in Criminology and later completed my graduate degree in Elementary Education with ESOL Endorsement at Barry University. I have taught in the Elementary grade for 12 years. I am interested in reading and science and I have included many resources in my website, which you will find at Apart from that, I am also a mother of two beautiful children named Olivia (5 years old) and Thomas
(12years old).

I am looking forward to meet, as well as know each student of my class and their parents too. This year will be a challenging one for your children as compared to last year, however, I will try to make the classes more interesting and fun, so that each child understands as well as enjoys them. Moreover, I do not just want to stick to academics. Rather, I am planning activities to develop the creative skills and interests of students. I hope to make this academic year, an educational as well as a fun-filled year for the students.

If you would like to meet me to discuss your child's performance or any concern you have, you can send me an e-mail at to request a meeting. Please provide me 24 hours to respond to your e-mail. Apart from this, you can also give me a note with your child asking for a meeting. Please make sure he or she hands me the note first thing in the morning before class begins.

Yours Sincerely,
Manoela Suarez