Week of February 20, 2018

-Interim progress report cards will go out this Friday!
-Please bring The Orphan of Ellis Island A Time-Travel Adventure, by Elivra Woodruff to class by Thursday, February 15, 2018.
-i.ready completion is mandatory! Students do receive a grade for completion.


ancestor (ansEHstur) noun A member of your family who died before you were born.

anxiously (aNGkshuhslee) adjective,adverb nervous, worried or fearful about what may happen

blight (bliit) something that causes harm or disease

citizens (sihtuhzuhnz) noun People who receive rights and protections from a government

content (kontEHnt) Happy with what one has; satisfied.

devoured (dihvouurd) To eat something quickly and hungrily.

envious (EHnveeuhs) a person who feels envy of another person's possessions

flurry (fluree) A rapid bustling commotion.

foster family A family that takes care of a child that is not their own. It is not a permanant family.

immigrant (ihmuhgruhnt) noun a person who moves to a different country to live

pungent (puhnjuhnt) Sharp taste or smell. <

queasy (kweezee) Feeling nausea; feeling about to vomit.

sternly (sturnlee) In a strict way; harsh.

sympathy (sihmpuhthee) noun
1. Sharing the feelings of others (especially feelings of sorrow or anguish).
2. a feeling of compassion for others

unkempt (uhnkEHmpt) Not neat or cared for; slovenly. "his unkempt appearance"

wary (wEHree) cautious, watchful; on guard

Home Learning
No home learning! President’s Day!

-Study/review daily for our upcoming Chapter 13 Science Test on Friday
-Find a synonym for the first 5 vocabulary words
-Read Chapter 1: The Orphan of Ellis Island, A Time Traveling Adventure, by Elvira Woodruff and respond to chapter 1 questions
-i.ready 45 minutes by Sunday
-Complete Cold Read
-Find a synonym for the next 5 vocabulary words
-Portfolio Assessment tomorrow
-i.ready 45 minutes by Sunday
-Study for Chapter 13 Science Test tomorrow
-Find a synonym for the last 5 vocabulary words
-portfolio test tomorrow
--Bring pictures and research about a relative or a friend that immigrated to the United States of America (we will work on it in class) - make sure to interview only one person using the questions we brainstormed in class (due on Tuesday, February 27, 2018)
-Study for Vocabulary test on Monday
-i.ready 45 minutes by Sunday – a completion grade is given on Monday