‍Our Class Mission Statement

‍We promise to listen to our teacher and follow the rules. We will be polite and help others. We will be good listeners and always keep our hands to ourselves. We will do our best to never change our colors. We will respect other people by showing kindness and being nice. We will take turns to talk and will listen to each other.

‍Class Pledge We will:

‍Use indoor voices when we work at our tables and in centers.

‍We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

‍We will listen to the speaker and raise our hand.

‍We will keep our room clean.

‍We will line up quietly.

‍We will be kind to each other.

‍Mrs. Suarez's Personal Mission Statement

‍To create a classroom that focuses on the student. To provide a nurturing learning environment that challenges, and encourages each student to learn and succeed in first grade.


‍1. Focus on strategic learning that helps each student gain meaning of vocabulary and comprehension of text.

‍2. Provide the opportunity for scientific exploration.

‍3. Intergrate technology into our daily lessons.

4. Personalize learning in my classroom.

‍5. Provide engaging work for my students everyday.

‍6. Engage families of my students in student learning.